HELP APACHE WANT START Virtualmin or Webmin

Submitted by admin on Wed, 05/04/2022 - 12:37
Apache Want Start running Virtualmin and/or Webmin


  Find Line 440 and place a # at the begining of the Command. Save, and Restart Appace. You be Appache Should be Running.  Read more if you need to know the easy way to edit this ine of Code in Virtuamin.  Thanks for Visiting, an I hope this helped. 

    If you have came accross this page, then you have just installed or updated Virtualmin and Webmin, and now you can not get Apache to start.  You have read many articles, combed many websites, yet can not find anything that will help you in your quest to get Apache back up and running.  Most likely, you installed a fresh SSL certificte for your new Domain, or just updated.
     Well, I may have the answer in-which you seek.  And this knowledge comes from a Day of running into roadblocks, and trying everything.  I was a mouse click away from uninstalling Virtualmin and Webmin, and start from scratch.   Then, looking through my LOGS, I found an Error pointing to Line 440 of the httpd.conf file.  Apaches setting's file.  Located in etc/httpd/httpd.conf.  But, you can find it in your Virtualmin or  Webmin panel.  From Virtualmin, you can go into Services -> Configure Website to edit directives specific to it. Or to edit any part of the Apache config, you can go into Webmin -> Servers -> Apache Website -> Global Configuration. Webmin is really quite clever when it comes to parsing config files.

    Bot back and now try starting Apache. PRESTO, nothing up my Sleeves, and there's the magic you've been looking for.  SSL v2 and SSLv3 have been remoed from Centos and others OS, due to the Lack of security.  Men-in-the-Middle-Attacks are easy to be made in SSL2 and SSL3

   I do hope this has hlped get you back on track, and you are now able to get Apache running and building you website.  I had this issue so I thought I should share what helped me, just in case someone else ran into this issue. Which, I am sure they will.  Please don't hesitate to shot me an email or visit our Contact page, and fill out a form, with any questions you may hae, an I will help you. May you hae a blessed day. -- DOC