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Install your own Operating System and create your server from the ground up.


IamIT Hosting offers Fast Reliable Cloud Serves, for all your needs.  We have CentOS. Ubuntu Server, and Windows Servers, available to be installed on your Server.  You can choose from Managed or Un Managed package's.

Professional, Top Tier Cloud Servers available for you to build own Hosting Patform



A virtual private server is the cheapest way to rent a server. Virtualization divides the computing power of a large server platform and allocates it to several customers in the form of a virtual server.

Starting at$2/monthRisk-free for 30 days


Cloud servers (More About Cloud Servers)

Cloud servers are flexible, scalable, virtual servers where the computing power can be adapted and configured to meet the respective situational demand. It is also possible to operate several virtual machines (VMs) in one server network with further functionality.

Starting at$4/month


Dedicated servers

With a dedicated server, you rent an entire physical server whose resources (CPU, RAM, memory, network) are not shared with others. We offer a wide range of dedicated server models and operating systems to match every need.

Starting at$40/month

Cloud Servers 

The cloud servers are hosted in spaces of a global network, managed by the hosting companies.  


  • Data recovery: Most of these storage systems are equipped with redundancy, so if a disk crashes, the system continues to run on the copy. This makes it very difficult to lose data and very viable to recover deleted files or accidental overwriting.  
  • Security control: With secure credentials, files are encrypted and protected. Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) have invested heavily in state-of-the-art security over the last few years, and AI technologies make security smarter and more scalable.  
  • Secure Exchange: There is no need to copy files or send memory of them in order to share them with someone. By giving you access, it is shared in a secure and controlled way.  
  • Security cost: Security costs, data and file hosting in the cloud have been reduced, making it accessible to all types of companies.   


  • Malware: There are very sophisticated types of viruses that can infect servers in the cloud. In case of corrupting local copies that have overwritten the stored ones, data could be lost, although it is a very unlikely case.  
  • Lack of provider transparency: It is important to be well informed when contracting a hosting. The lack of transparency on the part of some providers means that many times the location of the information is not known or the confidentiality of data is not respected.  
  • Access with credentials: The fact that it is possible to access from any point with credentials gives rise to access to the cloud and the theft of information by people in the environment. 


Why is the cloud server the server of the future?

In terms of security, the cloud is a much more resilient environment with additional layers of security compared to more traditional local servers. This happens as long as a number of conditions are met, we will discuss them below:

  • A cloud server is highly secure as long as the company using it is secure. Enterprises need to take the initiative to enable the security controls offered by CSPs and ensure that these providers have relevant policies in place and keep devices up to date to ensure data security. 
  • This data storage system, in addition to surpassing traditional ones in terms of security, is a highly scalable model. The scalability scheme of the cloud servers is superior to any other infrastructure we have seen in the past. For these and many other reasons, is recommended companies rely on this type of servers to host their information and exploit the data through the cloud monitoring, as long as a consultancy stage is completed and a reliable provider with experience in these services is found.