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Content Management Systems - Let I am IT Web Hosting Install it for you

Content Management Systems available by I am IT website Design

We offer a wide range of CMS (Content Management  Systems) APP's for you to choose from, which will help you get your website going, with-in minutes.  Let I am IT Website Design install your selected C.M.S, for you.  We can maintain it for you. Or, we can train you, or your Staff on how to maintain you selected C.M.S.  

Choose from Word Press, Drupal, Joomla,  Larvel, and many more.  I am IT Hosting will install your choice of CMS, and have your Company ready to go live, with your website, fast. We also have a wide range of ECOMMERCE platforms for you to choose from.  Along with COLLABORATION, LIVE HELP and many more CLICK and BUILD PLATFORMS. 
Let I am IT install an EDUCATIONAL CMS for you or your Company.

Affordable Drupal Hosting Solutions provided by I am IT Website Design Hosting and Marketing

Affordable Drupal Hosting Solutions

If you are looking for affordable Drupal Webhosting, then you have found the right place.  We can install, and maintain your Drupal Site.  Or, we can install Drupal, and train your Staff on how to maintain it.  Also availalbe, we can transfer your Drupal Website.  $3.99 a month

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Affordable WordPress Hosting Solutions provided by I am IT Website Design Hosting and Marketing

Affordable WordPress Hosting Solutions

If you are looking for affordable WordPress Hosting, then Contact Doc Today! Started as low as $4.99 a month, Doc can install WordPress for you, and even help you get your Site up, and running.  

Our Control Panel offers easy WordPress management, and is simple to us.

Affordable Joomla WebHosting in Huntsville Alabama

Affordable Joomla Hosting Solutions

We also offer Joomla Web Hosting.  Starting as low as $2.99 a month.  

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We can install and maintain MOODLE or you.


If you offer Educational Services then we have Moodle.  Easily create an offer online courses, with Moodle.  We can install Moodle for your Company, and train your Staff how to use it.  Moodle makes Online Classes, and Courses, simple.  Great for Schools, or Companies who want to offer training.

   Please free to CONTACT DOC with any questions you may have.  If you already have a Content Management System installed, but need help. Contact DOC.   Get the most our of your Website.  Sure, anyone can create a website, but those who are not Webmasters, quickly learn how difficult it really is to create, and maintain a website.  Let Doc get your Site Listed in Search Engines, and help your Company start making money, with a Professional Website.  Running on your VPS, or one of Doc's VPS Servers.

   Many have fallen for the belief that they can become Webmasters, overnight. Then, they attempt it, and find out that they have bitten off, more they can chew. Or, loaded their plate with more then they can eat.  We simplify Website Creation, and assist you in any are needed. We are also available for help, 24 hours, a day. 

   Doc updates our Server, after hours, in order to keep your Site online, during business hours.  Doc also run's a daily back-up of all Server's.  So you will never lose data.  Do not wait any longer.  Contact Doc and let him help you out.  Doc has refrences, and is available now, to help get your Site, online.