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Website Design for your Company or Business makes your Business Virtual.

If you own a Business, or a Company, then you already know, that you need a Website.  Let I am IT and Doc, do it for you.  Cost is most peoples fears, but if you have an idea, and feel that it will be profitable, then do not hesitate to Contact us.  We can work within your Budget.  Most Sites cost between $750 - $1000.  Plus, they are created within a Week, or faster.  All dending on the Style of Website, needed.

The only up-front Coast is for your Domain Name, SSL Certificate, and Hosting Space.  If you are going to need Email, then that Server Cost is included.  This  total up front Cost is minor.  Ranging  from $250 - $400.  The full cost of your website, is charged after we have completed your Website, for you.

Many have fallen for the Belief that they can create their own website.  Sure, you can slap some images up, or have a Word Press Site installed.  But then you are Stuck.  If you are one of these people, contact us, and we will fix it for you.  There is a lot more to creating a Website, then just placing Images, and Logos on a Page.  

  You have to know about the DNS, so that Browsers can find your website. Search Engine Optimazation, and much more.  Which, if you have started one of these:  Click and Build Sites, then you are aware of this.  Believe me, I understand why you tried it.  Cost.  You had a small budget, and wanted to get the most for your Buck.  

Don't Worry!  That is what I am here for.  You  can now hire a Professional, for that same low cost.  So, instead of trying it yourself.  Go ahead and Contact US.  Here is an Esitmate of What it will Cost you, by letting us do your Website.


Domain Name - $9 -$20 yearly
Hosting ( Server Space) - $150-&500 yearly
Website Design - $500-$1000 one time Fee  (due after website is finished)
SSL Certificate   - $50-$100 yearly


Logo and Graphics for your Website, are included in the Design Fee.  We can install any CMS, and/or NextCloud for File Shareing.  You can have your own Cloud Server, with Next Cloud, and it is more Cost Effective, then using I Cloud, or any other Mobile Cloud Server.  Just contact Doc, and asked him about running your Personal Cloud Server.

Most Web Developers, do not list prices, and this is due to the fact that different Sites, require different amounts of Work.  Doc has been Developing Website long enough, that he knows how to make it affordable, and Professional. We can provide Shopping Carts, an allow you to take online Payments.  This is going thru Godaddy Payment.  Doc is a certified Godaddy and IONOS Reseller, and passes his savings, on to you.  

  You can check out Docs online Hosting, and Server Store at:   
There, you can go ahead and purchese what you need, if you want too.  Or, you can Contact Doc, and he can take care of it for you.  And, may be able to get you an even better deal, then what he has listed, on the Site.  That is for those who are Developing their own sites, and servers, and just needing to get things themselves.  
   All items on the store are backrf by Docs money back guarantee, and all payments go thru Docs Online Payment Portal.  Which is the same Portal, he can configure for you.  This will allow you to accept Credit/Debit Cards online, or in Person.  

  Thank you for your interest in letting I am IT Website Design Hosting & Marketing work for you.  Doc takes great pride in providing a fair, and Professional Service, for his Clients.  As stated, all Clients will get 3 months of Free Promo Videos Creation, and Doc will advertise those Promos, and your new Website, on his Network of Websites.  Also, he will get you Listed in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other major Search Engines Local Listings.  This helps get you listeed in all the Major Search Engines, and Doc aleady has a large Audience of Visitors to both his Websites, and Social Media Accounts. Doc will promote your Website, and Products for you.  This is like hiring a Sales Force, and Marketing Team, all-in-one.