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VPS Server running on our Cloud Servers are a value deal
Virtual Privite Server -  Do your own Thing with I am ITs VPS

VIRTUAL PRIVITE SERVERs -  Get your own Server, and DO YOUR OWN THING!  Set it up the way you want it.
  If you want to set your Server up the way you want it, then we have the VPS for you.  Alomg with the Operating Systems you need.  Including: CentOS, Unbuntu Server, Windows, and more.  Even if you want to run a bare bones Server, with just Apache, we got ya.  Pick from any of our Package's below, or contact us for help.  We will provide you with your own personal Consultant, to help you make the right choice.  Along with a 90 day money back guarantee.

  Choose from Managed or Un Managed.  With Un Managed you can really save!  This is for those of you who are really wanting to be hands on, or for Students needing to get a more hands on server.  Either way, we got your back, and we will not leave you hanging.  Unlike other companies, we will still answer questions and help you with support for the Unmanaged package's, as well.   We all have took baby steps, at one point in time.  

  If you are looking into getting a VPS then you have some idea about VPS.  You can download Oracle's Virtual Box, and test your skills, before getting started, or for setting up your testing server.  We also have a compile list of Free App's you can use on your server, to help you get started.  Not to mentions VirtualMin and Webmin, for helping those of you whom want to manage multiple Website's or complex websites on your server.

   Most of our Clients have hired us to Develop their Website for them and to handle all of their IT work.  So, please for give us for not have a more detailed site, but we are use to providing all the tech support for our Clients. This way they can do what they do best: Run their Business.  

   How ever, we have the server's, the Hosting Space and the Cloud Space, so we are making this space available to the Public for a chance to get a great price, and Save.  Which is great for Students and those of you whom are just starting in this field.    Also, as I stated, we have Data Center spread all around the world.  Do a quick DNS Check  at DNSCHECKER.org  Thank's to DNS Checker for this image, an I added my website name to it:
DNSCHECKER for a NS Lookup of Iamit.host